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3 Things Your Nonprofit Needs to Know About Mobile

Angela Giacchetti. NYC Marketing Manager, Eventbrite

One of my favorite things about working for the self-service online ticketing and registration company, Eventbrite, is meeting event organizers from every walk of life. Coming from the nonprofit world myself, some of my favorite event organizers are the ones who are working to make this city, and our world, a better place. This week, I had the pleasure to meet some of these change-makers while speaking on Philanthropia NYC’s “Digital Innovations in Philanthropy” panel.

Not only is it our job to keep up with the breadth of events on Eventbrite, but it’s also our responsibility to keep a pulse on the variety of tools and larger trends in the event industry. One of the top trends I touched on at Philanthropia NYC was mobile. For all of those who have been plowed down on the sidewalk by someone with their nose in their smart phone, you know that mobile is not only a fast growing trend, but rather an undeniable staple of our future. So, how can you use this to drive attention to your cause?


Here are 3 things your nonprofit needs to know about mobile:

1. Your donors have thumbs

Attendees and organizers are already using mobile devices to receive information from their networks, general news, and more. Yes, this includes your donors!

In fact, according to Pew Research Center, by the end of 2013 there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people. Interestingly, it is reported that 85% of adults between 20-34 are using smartphones. Lucky for you, this demographic will have even more giving power in the coming decades.

Don’t be shy—go where your donors are! Centering your development efforts on mobile campaigns ensures that you reach potential donors where they’re most active.


2. Easy makes the money

Are you using emails to solicit donations or update your supporters? 56% of mobile shoppers said that an email led to their mobile purchase (followed by text and social media).

The same transactional ease should be true with your fundraising events! Ensure your event registration is optimized for mobile. Email invitations should look spiffy across devices. Similarly, there’s no reason your supporters should have to wait to get back to their computers or mail a check to purchase tickets to your event. Increase your reach by using a ticketing solution that enables mobile sharing of events via social media and email. The bottom line: the fewer stops between your donor and checkout, the more likely you are to receive their contribution.


3. Save yourself!

We’re all guilty of using the paper guest list from time to time. Truth be told, futzing around with paper checklists, manually uploading, and shuffling data back and forth wastes precious staff time (time = money) and compromises important information about your constituents.

A huge trend we’re seeing to combat the paper nightmare is mobile entry management. That’s right – you can manage your guest list and check-ins on a mobile device. Understand all the technology options for entry management available through your registration provider, and be aware of all the tools you may need to implement (wireless internet, mobile devices, etc.). You’ll look smart going paperless and your staff will thank you, too.

So, go forth! Put your newfound mobile knowledge to use and stay in touch with Eventbrite NYC on Twitter or Facebook Planning an event? Go ahead and create an account—a $100 promotional credit is waiting to get you started.


About The Writer


Angela Giacchetti. New York City Marketing Manager, Eventbrite.

Angela Giacchetti’s career is focused on bringing people together around shared passions and causes. As New York City Marketing Manager for Eventbrite, Angela leads local marketing efforts and manages the Eventbrite community in NYC.

Currently, Angela serves as Pro-Choice Network Chair of WIN.NYC and is an active member of NYTechWomen. She’s also had the honor of speaking at the Pencils of Promise Leadership Institute, the Planned Parenthood Truth Tour, and Purchase College’s 30th Annual Natural & Social Science Symposium.

In her past life in nonprofit development and public affairs, Angela advocated on behalf of issues in public health, education, and gender equity. She holds a B.A. in Gender Studies and Political Science from the State University of New York at Purchase College.

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